Your Business Success 
"The average person has four ideas a year which, if any one is acted on, would make them a millionaire." 
- Brian Tracy

Bookkeeping and Accounting 
To manage and maintain the financial health of your business, you need accurate and up to date information.  Bookkeeping is a crucial step in the operations of your business.  

Market Research
Collecting, recording, and analyzing of data relevant to sell your goods or services produced. An integral, ongoing part of the development of your business.  

Online Marketing
Social Media is the hottest new trend, not only for individuals, but also for your business. It is a great way to interact and connect with potential customers, current customers, or fans.  Truino is now offering online marketing services that can take your business online in a big way, click here for more information.  These online services make it simple and easy for fans, users, and potential customers to keep up-to-date with your company and its products, services or promotions.

Explore the Possibilities
These online resources have information that are useful for your company                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
The Entrepreneurship Centre
Services for Entrepreneurs
Will your new business be profitable?  
The most important factor, will your business be profitable. To determine how much it will cost to start your business as well as your break even point, click on the start-up costs calculator.
Market Research Resources: 
Truino offers market research and analysis services.  This can range from starting a new business, to researching your business idea, profiling your target customer or new product feasibility.

Hiring a Professional 
Many of our clients don't have the time to sit down to plan, and strategize for their business.  As a team, we help identify your goals and challenges to create these strategies and move forward with your business planning and development.
What are the Benefits?
Truino Business Solutions will meet the needs of entrepreneurs at any stage of their business planning and development. We work with all industries, throughout all of the phases of planning, research and development. 
We work as a team to identify your goals and challenges, taking the time to research and plan to ensure profitability for your business.
Dream it.  Plan it.  Achieve it. 
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